Founding Members

11.11 Unify's Founding Members were with us from the beginning and helped us pave the path to 11.11 Global Unification

Meet the Founders

Our 55 Founding Members

were formed from the 11/11 Global Gathering Event in 2020. These members helped create our largest 11/11 Global Gathering yet and are the pioneers for our 11.11 commUNITY network.


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Anistara Ma Ka - Founder of 11.11 Unify

Andrew Kause - Co-Founder of 11.11 Unify

Jesse Churchill (Synergetics Design) - Graphic Team

Kat Grieco - Production Team

Estephanie Ligan - Website Team

Andrea Magat - Production Team

Ann Marie - Production Team

Eli Morgan - Graphic Team

Nicole Roberts (Nicole Roberts Creative) - Graphic Team

Sara Victor - Production Team

Eliot Winder - Production Team

Craig Goldberg (inHarmony)

Lee Davy (Connected Community)

Christina Weber (We Deepen)


Rono Smith and Sierra Sullivan (Eden World)

Michaelah Ivie

Julie Avena

Hilary Heart

Jonah Martin Lion

Kelly Krezek

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Galit Rydall

Raquel Lopez


Carlos Marulanda